Alcohol, Drug & Traffic Seminar

Alcohol, Drug & Traffic Seminar


4 Hour Course

TLSAE – A First Time Driver Course that is required for all new drivers in Florida. The course covers information regarding Alcohol/ Drugs, New driver responsibilities, and similar topics. Also known as Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education.


Introduce new drivers to the dangers of driving while impaired and familiarize the participants with defensive driving techniques and traffic laws.


The Alcohol, Drug & Traffic Seminar is NTSI’s Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course. It was created to introduce new drivers to the impact alcohol and other drugs have on an individual’s driving behavior and skills, to introduce defensive driving techniques, and to impart insight on traffic laws. Successful completion of a traffic law and substance abuse course is required by Florida state law for all first-time drivers wishing to obtain a learner’s or driver’s license.

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July 21, 2017