National Safety Council

National Safety Council

DDC-4 6th Edition


Create self-awareness around the challenges associated with driving in today’s society. The course provides participants with tools, tips, and techniques that offer positive choices in regard to driving decisions and motivates them to embrace personal change in their driving behaviors and attitudes. The course is designed to address three driving related factors from a safety-conscious perspective: the driver, the conditions, and the vehicle. The course provides drivers with knowledge and safe driving techniques to prevent collisions and violations. This course challenges the participants to choose responsible behaviors.


Participants attend DDC-4 programs for a variety of reasons. The course should address the needs of all participants without patronizing or demeaning anyone. Participants attend as part of a state or local program to remind drivers with excessive moving violations to an alternative educational sentence. Participants may also attend the course voluntary to receive an insurance discount, as an employment requirement or just to become better drivers. The program draws participants from approximately 60% offender market and 40% from the corporate arena.


July 21, 2017